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WEYES LASER is a solution for the design and upgrading of the effective medium and high-end industrial LASER equipment.

Company produces the high quality laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, etc., are widely used in leather clothing, advertising, decoration, craft gifts, wood products, instrument, electronic, daily necessities, food and beverage packaging, automotive, Marine, aviation, nuclear industry, machinery manufacturing, steel, textile, oil, laser processing industries, etc.

Involved in industries of leather, cloth, organic glass, acrylic, double color boards, bamboo and wood, rubber, crystal, jade, porcelain, man-made stone, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper plate cutting and marking, to ensure that our customers can use the laser equipment for the processing of various materials.

WEYES LASER also provides full and complete laser equipment and laser machine parts, such as laser tube, laser power supply, laser focusing lens, laser reflector, water chiller and other parts.
In addition, we provide 24-hour online service, which will provide you with the fastest time to respond to your emergency response, and reduce the loss of your business due to equipment failure.

WEYES LASER is always at your service!
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